Maude Louise

March 29, 2009 update:  Whoops!  All of a sudden this old post is getting a lot of traffic.  The pattern for Maude Louise has been completely rewritten as of this month, and you can get it here. Sorry for any inconvenience.  The entirety of this post applies to previous incarnations of this pattern, none of which was entirely complete.  Even if you’ve downloaded Maude Louise before, I highly recommend downloading the new pattern rather than trying to work with the old.  I’m leaving these notes, up, though, in case they help anyone who has the old pattern still.

IMPORTANT: If you downloaded the pattern prior to March 12th 2007, there is a major error in it. Please see the corrections here and here. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Well, I’m exhausted, and I don’t really want to do math ever again (though I shall be doing lots shortly to figure out the other sizes), but I finished the pattern in my own size! Ha! Victory is mine! I do the happy ninja dance of joy and drink the blood of my enemies in celebration! Um, OK, maybe I don’t drink the blood of my enemies, but I am boogying in my seat pretty hardcore. Oh yeah.

I apologize in advance for any errors and remind you again to let me know about them as you come across them. Before you start, please be sure to look at the notes here.

The latest version of Maude Louise has multiple sizes, but not in the sleeves.  Until I figure out the math on this one, you can use these great instructions, or those found in Barbara Walker’s Knitting From the Top, to make the sleeves work even without me knowing how you should make them from the bottom up.

On the subject of torsos and the many sizes in which they come, I wanted to discuss the sizes I’ve given in my pattern. Maude Louise is intended to have a fitted waist, but there are a few important things to keep in mind to make sure your sweater fits. One is bust size, of course, and all of those are listed in the top, but I wanted to explain how big the waist is for each size. That way, if you want to mix and match bust and waist size, you’ll know how many stitches you need. Bear with me.

The size 32 and 36 inch bust each have a 27 inch waist that gets a little smaller when seamed. It stretches, so it shouldn’t be a problem if your waist is a little bigger or smaller than 27 inches. The size 40 and 44 inch busts have a waist size of 32 inches. The size 48 and 52 have a 35 inch waist, and the size 56 has a 42 inch waist. This is assuming you’re knitting in gauge, of course. Now, I’m limited here by the lattice stitch, which requires the addition of a very particular number of stitches to come out right. However, there are two ways you can make sure this sweater fits your own particular waist. One way, if you’re knitting in gauge, would be to see if one of the measurements I’ve listed is close to your own, and swap out the number of stitches on the bottom half of the sweater for the one that will fit you best. The other, probably more precise way, is a bit more work. You’re going to have to knit a few more gauge swatches of the lattice stitch, on several different sized needles. By changing the gauge around, you should be able to make a sweater that fits your body type.

One last note – the size 40 and 42 are designed so that the waist seams will not line up perfectly at the sides. If it all works out as I think it will, this won’t matter much, but it’s certainly possible that I’m wrong. If I am, I will be sure to try to fix it. Anyway, I think the twisting will be minimal and won’t really show when the sweater is worn, but please do keep me updated if you run into any problems with it.

Thanks for reading all of this, and good luck! Send me pictures of your finished projects – I really want to share.


  1. Susan

    Thanks so much for posting the pattern. It’s beautiful. Good luck in the Craftster Knitting Challenge. I voted for you. ; )

  2. No problem, Sarah, but I need a refresher course in Illustrator from Mr. Kninja first! It’s been years since I really had to use it. He uses it for work and thus should know how to make charts. I’m finding myself banging up against all kinds of old walls – math, Photoshop, Illustrator – all the things that made me nutty in school! And now I’m doing them voluntarily. I think I’m one of the only people in the world who failed a Photoshop class in art school.

  3. Wow, this is beautiful! thank you so much for sharing this pattern… for FREE!! I am currently printing it out and after it’s done I’m running to my knitting stash to find yarn for this pattern!
    I’m so happy we have the same bust size! YEAH!!! 32!!

  4. Tracy

    I cannot wait to see pictures of this as people make their own versions. I’ll be lurking on Craftster to see some results. I’m so excited for you, Kristen. I can only imagine how proud of yourself you must be.

  5. OK, it should work now. Apparently the free file sharing service I’m using erases all my files if I don’t log in monthly. If anyone can recommend a better service, I’d appreciate it.

  6. I just tested it and it seems to be working. The last sentence of the above entry contains a link (the words “right here”). Follow the link and wait a moment. It takes a while to load, but then a prompt will come up and you can click a link to download the file (the prompt for that says “Download file”). It’s still got some errors and I need to write the sleeve patterns for the larger sizes, but it’s there.

  7. julie

    Hmmm, it doesn’t seem to be working for me either…. It’s a beautiful patter, can’t wait to get started.

  8. I just tried it and it seems to be working. You just have to wait a bit for it to load after you click the link. That’s the only thing I can think of…it does take a little while to load, and it could look like it’s not working.

  9. I just downloaded the pattern and I wanted to say how beautifully written it is and how much I’m looking forward to making this sweater! Does the yarn requirement increase for larger bust measurements? I’m planning on knitting the 40″ bust, but I don’t see any adjustments to the number of skeins required.

  10. I’m so sorry. Things have been nutty on my end, so I’ve been MIA. Basically, my problem is this. I know you need more yarn for the larger sizes, but I wasn’t sure how to calculate how MUCH more. I also need to work out the sleeves for the larger sizes still, and just haven’t found the time. I’ll add a sleeve suggestion to the post, though, in the meantime, because if you do them from the top down, it won’t really matter how bad I am at math. At this point, I’d suggest an extra skein per every size or two, but that’s me just guessing, I’m afraid. I’ll add a little info to the post now while I’m here, though.

  11. I want this pattern for the maude louise sweater but I can’t seem to find the pattern to download it anywhere. Can you email me and let me know where to go to get it? Thanks,Brenda

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