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Pattern: Clutch from One Skein by Leigh Radford Yarn: Manos del Uruguay, Adobe colorway Yardage: slightly less than one skein – about 100 yards or so Needles: size 13 circulars Modifications: The Manos is thinner than the Lamb’s Pride Bulky

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None too bright

I wanted to make a cute little Fair Isle hat for Afghans for Afghans.  I cast on and knit and made a hat for a doll.  Fortunately, the smallest of the spawn is getting a doll for her birthday, so

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You know my temperamental camera?  It deigned to work today.  This sounds like a good thing, and it’s nice that it takes pictures, but today it added stripes to the pictures.  Foolish and evil camera. I got some pictures of

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Stuck in the middle with you

So I’m most of the way through with the pattern in multiple sizes (yay!) and now I’m stuck on the fitted sleeves. I will finish, but in the meantime, I’m putting out the newest version of the pattern (in pdf

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Correction – Maude Louise

To everyone who has downloaded the pattern for Maude Louise – I’m terribly sorry, but I found the first major error in the pattern.  I hope no one has gotten very far in knitting it.  I have no idea how

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Oh, it’s a brave new world, and I’m striding out into it! Technology and knitting mix so beautifully, don’t you think? Ancient handicraft meets infotech superhighway of the future and the love affair is epic. Sure it’s a May-December romance,

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Don’t cry for me, seamless hybrid

Oh, man.  I somehow misread EZ’s instructions when I was working on the seamless hybrid, and instead of decreasing every 3 rows, as is right and would make sense, I was decreasing on every row.  I thought the angle looked

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Whole lotta things

First off, thank you for all of the response to Maude Louise! I can’t believe that so many people have already downloaded the pattern, and I’m very eager to meet all the new Maudes out there! Please, please, if you

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Do you know what I need?

I need a nemesis.  There has to be a crocheting pirate blogger out there somewhere, and someday our paths will cross, and there will be a terrifying clash of needles and hook, and we will have a legendary rivalry that

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Maude Louise

March 29, 2009 update:  Whoops!  All of a sudden this old post is getting a lot of traffic.  The pattern for Maude Louise has been completely rewritten as of this month, and you can get it here. Sorry for any

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