Shedir, actually

Pattern: Shedir, from the Fall ’04 Knitty Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed, color 143, Cocoa Yardage: less than one skein, about 143 yards Needles: size 4 Clover bamboo 16″ circulars (I knit a little tight, but mostly, I wanted the hat fast and couldn’t immediately find size 3 needles in the 16″ length.) Modifications: Three braid … [Read more…]


This isn’t right.  Seriously, something is very wrong here.  It’s been in the thirties and forties for nearly two weeks now, and while those of you from colder climes are no doubt mocking me at this very moment, this is COLD for San Jose.  And while it’s not as cold as elsewhere in the country, … [Read more…]

For Knitters’ Eyes Only

If only I could add a sound file ala Arrested Development, and then I’d be totally happy.  Mr. Kninja, beware.  If you are reading this, cease and desist.  Go no further.  Look over there – it’s Cheesus! Is he gone?  Good.  I wanted to talk about an upcoming secret project that he musn’t know about.  … [Read more…]


I’m older than I’ve ever been and now I’m even older. I turned 28 this past weekend.  So far, as an age, I am not impressed.  It’s my late twenties, but it doesn’t have the bang that 30 does.  I’m not feeling old or pressured or anxious, but I think 28 sounds sort of like … [Read more…]


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season. It’s been a pretty nice time here at the Kninja home, replete with a fantastic haul of knitting accouterments to start the new year off right. Pictured above is an incredible mohair blend (78% mohair!) that arrived from Australia, along with two skeins of gorgeous and … [Read more…]