Shedir – sort of

Pattern: Shedir from Knitty’s special Breast Cancer Awareness issue Yarn: Lion Brand Microspun, in lilac Yardage: less than one skein, about 140 yards Modifications: different star pattern on top, small holes around the bottom ribbed edge I wish it wasn’t so obvious in these pictures that I didn’t block the hat, but I was trying … [Read more…]

Thank you

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I’m not a religious person, but one doesn’t have to be religious to be intensely grateful, or to be a big fan of delicious viands, or to love gathering with loved ones to enjoy delicious viands while feeling intensely grateful. I know that the nonsense about the Pilgrims and Indians … [Read more…]


I opened a drawer in my daughter’s room earlier this evening and found a pair of little slippers I thought I’d lost. I made them to match the cardigan I knit as her coming home outfit. Unfortunately for that plan, but fortunately for the life of the cardigan, I made it a couple of sizes … [Read more…]

Sweeter than pie

I had a knitting crisis this weekend. I was thisclose to finishing the Christmas sweater I’m making for my daughter, and then – disaster – I ran out of yarn on the second sleeve when I was mere inches from the end. What to do? The Yorkshire tweed is only available in limited quantities now, … [Read more…]


Since I mentioned my grandfather yesterday and said he was coming home, I wanted to update and mention that no, he is not coming home yet, I’m afraid. Today he is going to have surgery to install a pacemaker. His doctor sounds very competent, but I’m scared. Surgery is surgery, however competent the surgeon. I’m … [Read more…]