Month: October 2006

When you have a hammer

This weekend, I got word that my grandfather was in the hospital. He is my last remaining grandparent, and at 93, he is a remarkable man. He has not yet retired from his job. He is kind and gentle. He

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Reproductions of Faye Dunaway’s costume in 1967’s Bonnie and Clyde seem to have become a staple in blogland. There is, of course, Eunny Jang’s beautiful twisted stitch sweater, but I’ve also seen some stunning examples at Knit Lit and Stitch

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Error message

The errors began when I cast on for Maude Louise and decided to use a wide rib for the bottom edge, which ruled out my original plan of a sort of rounded skirt like ruffle below the button band at

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Fair Isle Idyll

So it’s not even close to complicated, but isn’t that pretty? I would have preferred a rich red to the turquoise, but that’s the back edge of Gabriel’s self designed sweater, and he wanted turquoise. The blue heather is a

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Well, darn.

I finished the shawl collar on Maude Louise. It was a good lesson in why shawl collars are a terrible idea on crewneck jackets. My idea worked perfectly, but unfortunately, without a V, a shawl collar makes the collar pretty

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Twined Knitting

A couple of weeks ago, I checked a book out of the library for reading in my downtime. It just looked like an interesting book, so I thought I’d try to read it when I had a chance. It’s called

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Baila del Pinguino

Pattern: freestyle knitting, no pattern (Now with link to chart!) Yarn: Unknown scrap yarn (black with white nubs), Lion Brand Wool-Ease (yellow and wheat) Yardage: Unknown, but less than a skein of the main color, and very small amounts of

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Sneak preview

I’ve finally got pictures for you – so many, I’m going to be breaking them into two or three posts throughout the course of today. I wanted to show you the progress on Maude Louise. Here she is all seamed

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The week from hell at least yields a penguin.

Which penguin, naturally, is not to be found now that the camera is working some of the time, and I figured I’d be able to post it. However, not wanting to put off posting until I can get new pictures,

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Obscura. No camera.

I’m really, really wishing I had a working camera today. I have much to show you, and no way to show you. Le sigh. Maude Louise has been blocked and seamed. Good heavens, Andean Silk softens up marvelously when it

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