Month: September 2006

Now all I need is yarn

Knitting Without Tears arrived yesterday. Praise Amazon! I ordered the book on Saturday morning, and by Saturday afternoon I had received an email telling me that the book had shipped. I’ve read about half of it so far, and I

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Oh, I’m going to blather on about knitting, because, let’s face it, I’m an addict, but first I have to gush about food. We’re trying to be more responsible food consumers, and so last weekend we braved the Farmer’s Market,

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Zimmermania, here I come!

The lovely Sarah over at Blue Garter got me thinking about Elizabeth Zimmerman again. I’ve read about her, I’ve heard her spoken of with reverence by a guest host on Cast On, and I’ve searched in vain for her books

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Sins of the Knitter

I have confessions. Many, many confessions. I hear that they’re good for the soul, and anyway, they’ll get me out of working on the last couple of chapters of my book for a while. (The neverending novel of domesday, seriously.

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At the time I finished Corinne, my strapless bra was missing. You will have to trust me when I say that the sight of me in this dress without a bra is the last thing you want to see. Pattern:

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Some time last year, I told each of my boys that I would knit them a sweater that they, they themselves, designed. At the time, even with the help of Style Your Own Kids’ Knits, this was ridiculously ambitious. I

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I’m mostly done with the back of Maude Louise, the jacket I’ve been designing. It’s the first thing I’ve designed from the ground up, and I’m a little nervous about it, because the math is tricky. But so far it

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Lazy Susan

Inspired by the the awesome Dayflower Scarf at StitchinGirl, I decided to make my mother a lace scarf. But not the Dayflower Lace Scarf, mostly because I messed up a few times when I tried it. So this is the

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