Oh, I’m going to blather on about knitting, because, let’s face it, I’m an addict, but first I have to gush about food. We’re trying to be more responsible food consumers, and so last weekend we braved the Farmer’s Market, which can be a tricky proposition with three kids in tow. (Incidentally, there was a … [Read more…]

Sins of the Knitter

I have confessions. Many, many confessions. I hear that they’re good for the soul, and anyway, they’ll get me out of working on the last couple of chapters of my book for a while. (The neverending novel of domesday, seriously. I will never finish this thing.) Mortal Sin #1: Covetousness. I see so many beautiful … [Read more…]


At the time I finished Corinne, my strapless bra was missing. You will have to trust me when I say that the sight of me in this dress without a bra is the last thing you want to see. Pattern: Corrine, from Knitting Fog Yarn: Rowan cotton glace, in the discontinued Delight Yardage: I used … [Read more…]


Some time last year, I told each of my boys that I would knit them a sweater that they, they themselves, designed. At the time, even with the help of Style Your Own Kids’ Knits, this was ridiculously ambitious. I hadn’t even really pieced together a pattern on my own, altering it for personal details. … [Read more…]